What is Smart Advantage?

Differentiating Companies with Relevant Competitive Advantages

Smart Advantage is the only sales, marketing and management consultancy focused exclusively on identifying and communicating the most important element of successful competition -your competitive advantage- from your target market’s perspective.Why from the customer perspective? Because if your clients don’t value your differentiators, then they are not relevant.


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  • Relevant Selling is a solid business book that every company can benefit from. From the first chapter you will nod your head and say “yes” that is what we need to do in order to resonate with our customers! Jaynie’s writing style is a terrific combination of practical ideas and examples which are plentiful and meaningful. You will definitely use Relevant Selling as a reference book for decades to come as it forces every business to evaluate their point of differential which can only be a benefit in the current and future economic environment.

    Merrill Dubrow
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    What’s Your Website’s Mission?

    posted on February 3rd, 2016 | Blog

    What’s Your Website’s Mission? Clear Objective or Cloudy Obstruction? There is something nagging about a company’s website. It is often the nemesis of many business owners. There is frequently no clear vision of what the website is intended to accomplish. Some CEO’s tell me “I don’t even know what is on our site.” Others report, read more

  • One Way

    Is Your Sales Message Ambiguous?

    posted on January 13th, 2016 | Blog

    Yesterday I was driving behind a produce truck that had an interesting, albeit somewhat disturbing message: “XYZ produce…From Farm to Fork Handled by Professionals.” Now I ask you, do you want your produce handled by professionals? What comes to mind? Did they wash their hands? Is the produce bruised from all the handling? Did they read more

  • Keyhole

    Mind Your Business. And Theirs Too.

    posted on December 9th, 2015 | Blog

    What do you know about your competition?  Do they know more about you than you know about them? Let’s Answer…   It’s one thing to think you are truly better than your competition–most often, this is a subjective evaluation—it’s another thing to be able to prove it.  In our work with companies of all sizes, read more