Afraid of Competition? U.S. Airlines vs. International Competitors

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Last blog post,  I wrote about the disintegration of loyalty programs, specifically mentioning Delta and Marriott hotels. This is a trend happening across industries. When a company provides a diminishing return of rewards to loyal customers, shouldn’t that company be concerned with how they are perceived and how they deliver customer service?   In other words, read more

What if Loyalty Doesn’t Pay Anymore…Ignoring Customers’ Values

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As a frequent business traveler, I can’t help notice the moves made by large companies in meeting the needs of their customers, or not.  I have been an elite member of the Marriott Hotel chain for years.  It affords small benefits but ones that their elite members have come to value.  Besides speedier (sometimes) check-in, read more

You will get the lead but you need proof to close the sale.

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If you have been following our blogs and /or know our work through my books, you are aware that we are strong believers that you should provide customers with solid evidence that you can, with proof, deliver what they want.   I don’t mean that you can deliver the widget or the service you sell, read more

Put on Your Rose Colored Glasses, Please!

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For years I have been telling stories of clients who had lots of good news but missed it completely because of their focus on bad news. The thing is this: Owners and the C- Suite folks tend to be problem solvers day in and day out. We spend a better part of our day focused read more

From Good Marketing to Bad Sales Encounter

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The flyer arrived in the mail at the right time.  It came from a window treatment company at the very moment I was planning to contact various window treatment companies.  It felt like serendipity, so I called them. It also saved me valuable research time.   Sadly, my experience was not a good one.   read more

Underperforming Sales People? Fire Or Provide Firepower?

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Senior managers and business owners will not think twice about investing in the most common tools for growing their sales team:  sales training, coaching, incentives, superstar searches, bonus/commission plans; motivational events, etc.   About 90% of the time, these investments lack the key ingredient to ensure an ROI.  Very few companies provide sales teams with read more

Five Barriers to Competitive Advantage Success

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  Since I do a great deal of speaking to c-suite executives, I am often asked, “Why don’t more companies succeed at defining their competitive advantages?” I have thought long and hard about that question. Some answers are obvious; some a little less evident.   If you have struggled with carving out your differentiation, here read more

Are Your Sales Suffering Death by a Thousand Clichés?

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Every year the pundits, bloggers, social media hounds, all make major assessments of Super Bowl ads. Enough is said about that and football is not in season, so we won’t be going there.   Unless your business has pockets so deep that you can afford the $5 million for the 30 or 60 second spot, read more

What’s Your Website’s Mission?

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What’s Your Website’s Mission? Clear Objective or Cloudy Obstruction? There is something nagging about a company’s website. It is often the nemesis of many business owners. There is frequently no clear vision of what the website is intended to accomplish. Some CEO’s tell me “I don’t even know what is on our site.” Others report, read more

Is Your Sales Message Ambiguous?

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Yesterday I was driving behind a produce truck that had an interesting, albeit somewhat disturbing message: “XYZ produce…From Farm to Fork Handled by Professionals.” Now I ask you, do you want your produce handled by professionals? What comes to mind? Did they wash their hands? Is the produce bruised from all the handling? Did they read more